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There are two ways to look at enjoying the outdoors in Upstate New York. The first way to look at it is through a window as you sip an iced tea in the air conditioning during the summer or enjoy a hot chocolate as the snow piles up in the winter. But we prefer to look at the outdoors around here a bit more adventurously. We like it outside and we can show you to how make the most of the outside of your home all year round.

There are countless options to enhance your outdoor experience at home. Decks, whether attached to the home or freestanding, are often built to take advantage of an outdoor view because they are usually raised off the ground. To provide shelter from the elements, a gazebo, or other type of full or partial enclosure work great. If you are looking for a leisure spot away from the home a patio may be for you. Patios are popular because they can be placed anywhere in your backyard and are level with the ground. Courtyards are beautiful in larger backyards. They are often built at the end of a brick or stone path surrounded by small walls.


Are you looking to reclaim your garage? Tired of tripping over rakes and extension cords on your way to your car in the morning? Let us build you an attractive solution, a storage shed for your backyard. We can work with you on choosing the right size and style shed is best for your needs. Keep your tools, mowers, snowblowers, and anything else that's in your way, out of the way.